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Chidanand Hiremath aka Chi
is a digital nomad in the field of
photography, art and visual design
In 2010, after having obtained his Bachelor's degreen in Engineering, Chi set up his first design brand C-Dan and set out on an indefinite journey to take more from and give more to the world, simultaneously bringing various projects to fruition for clients across the globe. C-Dan has now transformed to Chi and with it, comes years of learning, exploring, thought and maturity.

Chi is for innovators and entrepreneurs.
Chi is for the unabashed dreamers.
Chi is for the good people.
Chi seeks to build
bridges of love and information
everywhere he goes
What the world has to say
"Last night at dinner with friends who are leading lights in the film festival arena, the Toronto issue of my magazine Film India Worldwide was passed around and the response was, “ The magazine looks so elegant. Who is your designer ”. I hear this refrain often and take pride in having young Chidanand Hiremath define the look and feel of my magazine. Thank you, Chidu!"
Uma da Cunha, Editor FIG, Mumbai, India
"I’m fresh off the best experience, in my 30 as a Software Developer, with a creative talent! He delivered amazing graphics along with html5/css3 needed to launch my latest site. Chi is not only a talented artist, he engaged me in a way that both fulfilled his artistic vision and my requirements. We worked iteratively; he followed up and was timely in his activities. Will I work with him in the future? I already am…"
Chris Black, CEO Updopt, CA, USA
"We loved the photos from our shoot. Animals aren't easy subjects but with an instinctive eye for composition Chi captured some magical moments that will help us to communicate the ideals and values of our business"
Damian Eadie, CEO Vegeco, London, UK
"Whether you’re working on a playful and fun project or an attention-grabbing company brand, Chi can create an innovative design for you. He’s creative, quick to deliver, and enthusiastic to do what it takes to achieve the best results. In fact, I call on Chi over and over again to help solidify my ideas—transforming mere inspirations to impressive designs. You will be satisfied, guaranteed!"
Samantha W, CA, USA
"Chi is the man! When it comes to inventive graphic designing and customer satisfaction, his services are second to none. He truly has a knack for transforming compelling visions and intricate ideas into vivid works of genius. He has helped me to embellish many of my personal and business undertakings — books, flyers, logos and website designs. I am very pleased with the on-going business relationship I share with Chi. Looking for quality and attention to details? I strongly recommend Chi."
Perry Wiseman, CEO Wisefoundations, CA, USA
"Arul and Me owe Chi a special thanks for his awesome photography of our wedding. He captured such amazing Candids of not just us but my family and friends and everybody loved his work. He showed his Love for photography to its best. Thank you very much dear Chidanand and May God bless you and your photography always... and keep going great guns!!!"
Annie, London, UK
"Working with Chi was a very positive experience. The designs which he provided were brilliant and reflected the idea perfectly. He understood the requirements and was able to translate that understanding into an amazing output. I highly recommend Chi as a designer!"
Vikram Shastri, Musician, Mumbai, India
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Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath
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Chidanand Hiremath
Chidanand Hiremath